Candy and The Diverse Professional's are more than just your ordinary real estate team. Here, we look for ways to stay connected with our community. We look for opportunities to help give back and get to know the individuals who call these town's their home. 

Booksmiles.  <-- Link


Booksmiles gives underserved children in New Jersey and Philadelphia the opportunity to build personal libraries, starting at infancy. They collect, sort, and creatively distribute gently used, new, and like-new books. They focus on providing students and younger siblings with dozens of high-quality books, which lays the groundwork for great literacy skills before and during the elementary school years. They also provide educators with free books for their classrooms. If you're interested in making any donations please feel free to reach out! 

Independence Business Alliance.   <-- Link


The iBA provides opportunities, access and resources to LGBTQ+ professionals and allies in the Greater Philadelphia area. They promote economic development, growth, diversity and leadership in our regionHelp promote the IBA here in our community!  

Monkey's House.   <-- Link


The Diverse Professionals care deeply about Animal Welfare. We've partnered up with our friends over at Monkey's House and done fundraisers to help animals in need. Monkey's House is a volunteer, donation funded organization. All donations go directly to the animals to help with food, care, medications and veterinary costs. Let's come together to help our furry friends!

Local Cultural Pride & Diversity. 


Here at The Diverse Professionals we pride ourselves at being just that, DIVERSE. We look at all our community member's as family. Community involvement has the power to enrich all those apart of the diverse community as well the businesses at hand. Look to your friends at The Diverse Professionals to spread diversity and positivity throughout your community. 

Support Your Local Small Businesses. 


Each and every business starts out small. When you support small businesses, you support even bigger dreams. Help The Diverse Professionals support the dreams of our locals, and help our communities grow! 

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Celebrating Equality in the LGBTQ community